Monday, August 20, 2007

The swami says?

Predictions anyone?

Treasury market yields crashed today. The market is predicting something in the next week or so. I say one of two things will happen 1) a decline in the DOW of 750 points or 2) a FED rate cut.


baktown said...

How about some BAKERSFIELD news (its in the blog name)?

Lou Minatti said...

News? How about some speculation. Crisp is IM'ing Casey Serin on a regular basis to compare defense strategies and work out who will get the top bunk.

Bakersfield Bubble said...



I was getting bored of the same bakersfield is screwed news:

Foreclosures up - check
Inventory up - check
Sales declincing - check
Credit tightening - check
Mortgage Fraudsters in jail - nope

Next update will be local news. Jezz!

Bakersfield Bubble said...


lmao! I think they will both share the top bunk and let bubba have the bottom

Rob Dawg said...

New Countrywide brand "SerinCrisps™." When the market is toasted this unbeatable combination makes for a rare treat.

WaitingToBuy said...

rob- now that was funny!

baktown- it's all pieces of the same pie...the financial side of things has a direct impact on housing prices in bako and elsewhere. How else can waitresses afford to own 3 houses(in default, but hey that's my point!)
If fininacing isn't there, the housing market in bako will crumble even it's all good.

WaitingToBuy said...

I just thought this housing add for a "Beautiful House" was funny...seriously there must be a way to photoshop the smoke out.

wholesale lender said...

I was told David Crisp had his passport taken away.

Raynor said...

Wholesale: (re passport) This would be a logical move. I'll have to look into the PC it takes to do that without charges proferred.

I've said flight risk all along as other have alluded to same. With millions in offshore accounts one has to wonder how that $$ will be frozen, and furthermore, forfeited.

If it isn't, the boy may well be the unltimate winner.

Raynor said...

I don't see another Fed rate cut in next week or so. So I'd have to vote for a DOW drop. I don't know about 750 though!

Bakersfield Bubble said...

wholesale lender -

Do you have more details or a source?

Bakersfield Bubble said...


I only need 720 now - LOL. My market timing is horrible.

Just didnt feel like posting on the 93% increase in YOY foreclosures.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

waitingtobuy -

LMAO! That is a great photo that shows off our nice air quality.

Lou Minatti said...


My mom has a bunch of photos taken circa 1973. They all have that same washed-up burned-out photo chemical quality.

My guess? He was trying to hide the fact that the lawn is brown and dead. I do like the cheap Walmart solar lights next to the driveway. Those plastic solar-powered lights shout CLASS.

(Seriously though, in my part of the world this would be a $120k house. It's small and fugly and the pool is simply a maintenance hassle. WTF are "French Doors"?)

Raynor said...

French Doors = half doors that swing

French Whores - half men that swing