Thursday, August 16, 2007

Real estate ingenious

Very funny song on our local market. Thanks to the reader who sent it to me, unfortunately blogger makes it difficult to post.

Fortunately, Bakonative at the Bakersfield Californian posted it.


Ichabod said...

I was just informed Jim Scott on Channel 17 news interviewed the agent that made this on the news tonight (August 16, 2007)!

Rob Dawg said...

I apologize for not finding the time to figure this out this morning. Something about 400 point swings and the delivery of the new deck.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

No problem Rob.

Yes it was on Channel 17 and on Kern 1410, thanks to Rob I was scooped - LOL.

bako said...

Absolutely hilarious, Crooky Crisp is going down.

bako said...

Although it is very funny, ironically Mr. Vaughn was once a Title Rep and used to beg Mr Crisp for transactions.

Adam said...

Is it just me, or doesn't anyone else remember the much more clever and humorous YouTube video that ran about 6 months ago, featuring the same music (plus video), but showing the real estate agent/mortgage broker who shoe-horned an overextended homebuyer into a home they couldn't afford, so now they're eating ramen in their empty home with the granite countertops?

Anyone remember that video? The audio was even featured on Moneywise Guys, as well as numerous blogs (maybe even here).

I dunno, but this guy's video seems completely derivative, but way lamer (what's with the stupid screensaver stuff? Couldn't he even capture a series of photos from the web?). All he does here is target Crisp, who don't get me wrong, really deserves it (as well as needs to be given an orange jumpsuit).

Raynor said...

Ralph Bailey with his take on this is even more challenged than I thought!

Libel and slander have one absolute defense Ralph Baby -- the truth!

Also Bailey rails on the ditty mentioning his mother. Tell it to Crisp, he's the one who brought his mother in to it!

Ralph, get a RE book then a law 101 book. Hell, Ralphy, get ANY book!