Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FBI “Sorry but the timing’s not right.”

Just in time for the grandstanding is Senator Dean Florez. Hey Dean, how about getting out in front of an issue and not just in front of a camera AFTER something happens?

Also, looks like our local DA is keeping his head in the sand.


In Bakersfield’s super-heated real estate market several years ago, public records indicate there was a lot of property flipping going on, among other things. But 17 News has learned there are no cases of mortgage fraud being prosecuted right now. In fact, a spokesman for the District Attorney's Office said he can't remember a single case coming across his desk in the last five years.

“That doesn't mean we're not going to get one,” Katz said. “We've had a couple of reports on one or two items, and we've referred those individuals to federal authorities or the State Department of Real Estate for investigation of those claims.”

One of them is Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter).

“I intend to ask Sen. [Mike] Machado (D-Linden), who chairs the Banking Committee, to come to Kern County in late September to hold a true oversight hearing on lending practices here,” Florez said. “We need to hear from the Crisps and Coles, from folks who need to come out in the open and talk about how we got to where we're at.”

For the record, the FBI, after initially agreeing to be interviewed for this report, backed out last minute, saying, “Sorry but the timing’s not right.”


Lone Ranger said...

Move along folks.....nothing to see here.

It's just White Collar crime.

Rob Dawg said...

Lying B@st@rd. Come on. How many people have said they've personally provided the DA with David Crisp's mortgage frauds in the past year? They most certainly have crossed his desk. Lying B@st@rd.

Those people who did make the reports should contact the paper and tell them they've caught the DA lying.

Raynor said...

Let the Feds do Federal indictments.

Of course one hasn't come across the DA's desk in the last 5 years. Remember the process? A COMPLAINT is filed by a LEA.

Feds don't file complaints for Fed crimes with local DA.

Do you really want local yocals trying to prosecute crimes where the "paper trail" is this extensive.

Why not leave it to the experts?

Or do you think David will pull a "Michael Vick"?