Friday, August 24, 2007

Rumor mill

I want to thank the readers who have forwarded me some big news.

  • Rumor is Watson Realty is going to close one or both offices in town and merge with Touchstone Realty.

I will post details when I get some confirmation.

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Ichabod said...


Watson Truxtun had a super big meeting today. Watson Truxtun is closing and all agents are moving into Touchstone's big building. New company name is Watson Touchstone. I assume they will be keeping ERA, so it will actually be Watson Touchstone ERA! What a mouthful! All Watson agents are moving in and "not very productive" Touchstone agents are being told to utilize "the home office." Some Touchstone agents are losing their offices supposedly to make room for Watson big guns. Some agents are NOT happy with the merge!