Monday, February 12, 2007

January sees jump in foreclosures

From the Central Valley Business Times:

RealtyTrac says California's foreclosure total of 14,430 was the nation's second highest and represented a 14 percent increase from the previous month. The state's foreclosure rate of one new foreclosure filing for every 846 households registered slightly above the national average and 14th highest among the states, as tabulated by RealtyTrac. sees a much gloomier picture.

It says California had 25,107 foreclosure filings last month – half of the total 50,404 filings it counts in the Southwest U.S.

"January's foreclosure number represented the highest monthly number we've seen since we began issuing this report two years ago," says James Saccacio, chief executive officer of RealtyTrac, in a written statement. "The month-over-month increase is similar to what we saw last January, when foreclosures shot up 27 percent from the previous month; however, the year-over-year increase of 25 percent is well below the 45 percent annual increase we saw in January last year


Anonymous said...

I saw on another forum you were asking about RFC. I assume you mean:

Not small.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Enjoy your blog. Can't find an email link to you. Any chance you would link to my blog? The Great Depression 2006

AnalysisGuy said...

Just a quick FYI that your page seems to be taking longer to load. Maybe you should archive some more reports...

Jim in San Marcos said...

Thank you for the link. Every little bit helps.

Keep up the good work.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

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beaver muncher said...

I love this sh@t.Look at all the suckers panicking and throwing in the towel.This is classic people.The rich are getting richer as usual.

Perfect Storm said...

The shxx is hitting the fan now. I bet the strip bars will have a bunch of realtwhores lined up to take their turn at the application process.

Slide up and down on this pole and stick your tongue out. Oh by the way are those real.

Anonymous said...

The fish are floundering:

"In other data, U.S. housing starts fell 14% to the a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 1.408 million, the lowest rate for starts since August 1997, and well below expectations of a 2% decline to 1.60 million annualized units.

magiccarpetride said...

Hot Cookies and Milk and if you sign on the dotted line you get a complimentary Jar of Vaseline. It can’t get better than this!

Perfect Storm said...

Due to the realtwhores and mortgage scum baits foreclosures will be breaking all time records. Oh well they searched out the the riskest credit people to loan money to in order to further their selfish greed.

These guys are just pure scum. Too bad they are going to cause a nice long painful recession.

Perfect Storm said...

REALTWHORE, I just like saying it.

Maybe some of the REALTWHOREs can coin a phrase for housing bears.