Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Robert Price had an interesting piece in today's paper on why CSUB can't attract more students. The campus has the capacity for 15,000 to 18,000 FTE yet they have only 8,000 of current enrollment. Why don't more students attend college was his question. My question is - Why attend college? The greatest job opportunity in this town is to become part of the REIC (Real Estate Industrial Complex). It is clearly the easiest path to riches in Bakersfield.

Why would a reporter ask such a question? He should know the answer. The newspaper loves to lionize all of these quick buck real estate show boats by splashing their material possessions on the front page of the local paper and glorifying them as visionaries. When in fact, they are simple salesmen with expensive suits and sub-standard high school educations. This "boom" was built on the back of the FED keeping rates way too low for way too long. It had nothing to do with great vision or business sense but shear luck. Who knew being in the right place at the right time made someone a real estate genius.

Why spend 4 years and $75k to attend college when you can make that in a week flipping homes or signing FB's into pay option arms. Why try to build a career that will contribute to society when, in fact, you can find one that allows you to prey on society?


smoggiebakersfield said...

I have a Re-Max agent living right next to me. As the months go by, she’s home more than she’s gone.

As the real estate market dries up, she will surely quit. Her age tells me she jumped in the game, in the last year or so.

I’ll be sitting out on my back patio and overhear
the gossiping about her fellow crooks.

I would assume she has no College education, seeing she lets her little Demon throw dirt clots into my back yard, like some Oildale Okie!

Ae Thunder said...

Well, Try getting the education after you have a job , bills and a family.
The time and out of pocket expenses just do not add up any more. Esp. if you are over 40.
Our whole system is biased towards the Graduate High School,go to College model. Anybody who fails to conform to that model(unless the are a single mother-recovering substance abuser-or-undocumented foriegn national)is just so much economic debris.
One of the "You can't make an omlette, without breaking eggs" victims of a capitalist 'gimme' mindset run amuck.
I attended B.C. and will again,but the nightmare that is "Harvard on the Hill" just gets worse.

Sunset Beach Guy said...

What is Harvard on the hill?

CSU ain't that expensive, it is the best deal in higher ed anywhere in the nation.

First hit on google for CSU tuition.

Try getting the same price for a degree in OR.

It can't be done.

Bakersfield Bubble said...


Yes CSUB is quite reasonable, i was exagerating a bit :). In fact I always laugh at the wedding announcements in the newspaper when they state "bride obtained a BS from UCLA and a MA from UCSB and is now a teacher at X high school". So $100k of school debt for the same job CSUB will get you for $20k.

Harvard on the hill - is the local junior college. Bakersfield College.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me -- you need 8 hours of "college level" courses plus a substandard HS education for a RE sales license.

Anonymous said...

Like the RealtWHORE Crisp.

Loading trucks to pimpin property and driving around in a mercedes!

Rob Dawg said...

There is no tuition at any CS or UC institution of higher learning. This is explicit in the State Constitution. Perhaps you mean "fees."

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Per the CSU website:

Fees and tuition are subject to change without advance notice by the Trustees of the California State University.

Rob Dawg said...

Out of state students are charged tuition. I was just making a smarmy remark about our fine state and their duplicitous dealings.