Monday, April 23, 2007

Any suckers out there?

When I read a craigslist gem like this one, I am reminded of the PT Barnum quote "there is a sucker born everyminute."

From CL:

Fourplex 4-3 bedrooms. Rents are $2900/mo market is $3200/mo. No cost on appraisal, bank fees, points, no one touches your credit. Go in and assume loan with only 10% down. Motivated seller. Clean, fast transaction. Live ine one rent out others. Not on mls, pocket listing. This is only one of many investment pportunities I have for you. One of these deals can make you more than your 1 or 2 yrs/ salary. Call Susan 562 756 1122/agent. No outside agents.

Location: Bakersfield

Is there anyone foolish enough to believe this?


Goldenpiggie said...

Why don't you call her and waste some of her time?

xs10shell said...

Wow - can make me more than 1 or 2 years salary. I should call and find out what other investment opportunities she has - esp. since there is no price listed on this assumable loan. Oh yeah, just how much is this assumable loan?