Monday, March 05, 2007

"NEW Faces Bankruptcy"

As stated on Friday keep your eyes on NEW.

NEW opens up down 60%!!

FromCBS Marketwatch comes news of a potential BK filing:

Analysts warn New Century may not survive
'Death spiral' envisioned as possibility for subprime lender

"New Century is more likely to enter the death spiral we had feared, as filing delays, financial difficulties, likely restricted liquidity and regulatory/criminal investigations could conspire to limit its options outside of bankruptcy," Merrill Lynch analysts wrote early Monday.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Wall Street is running from "NEW" not walking. Does this mean no more easy money..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn, all the head execs will be servicing bubba in the big house soon enough.

Anonymous said...

F these clowns! I hope they brun in hell!

Perfect Storm said...

Down 71% now, people can't dump the stock fast enough. Serves them right for investing in a company run by crooks.

WMC & D1 will be next on the hit list and Countrywide should see some major troubles.

Do subprime do hard time.

Mozo Maz said...

I think somebody will buy the NEW ticker symbol though. That's better than ENE, which nobody has ever wanted back! :-)