Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Economist reports on Casey!

Hat tip to Mozo Maz. The Economist reports on Casey. I might have to cancel my subscription.


CASEY SERIN knows all about the excesses of America's housing bubble. In 2006 the 24-year old web designer from Sacramento bought seven houses in five months. He lied about his income on “no document” loans and was not asked for anything so old-fashioned as a deposit. Today Mr Serin has debts of $2.2m. Three of his houses have been repossessed; others could share that fate. His website,, has become a magnet for those whose mortgages are in trouble.

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Mozo Maz said...

Casey has created a Turing Test for us all ... do we really believe anyone could be on the other side of that blog, who is this stubborn and foolish?

The part of his teleconference yesterday that sticks best in my mind, was Casey saying he'd "seriously consider" a salaried job at $150K - In Sacramento, but not necessarily in San Francisco... and only if his employer understood he'd still be scouting for deals on his lunch breaks.