Friday, November 24, 2006

Prices down almost 8%

Based on the price per square foot of sales in Kern County, from, we are down almost 8% in the last 5 months. Also, prices are now back to Summer 2005 levels. :

Average Price Per Sq. Foot. by MonthThe following data is a historic representation of average price per square foot for single family residences sold between July 1994 and September 2006 in Kern County. While average home price is an interesting barometer, price per square foot is more accurate in determining sales trends.


Mozo Maz said...

$ per SF is such a good yardstick, I wish more people would chart it. It smooths out a lot of distoration from seaonality and home sizes, things which really move the median sale price around.

Think about it. If you were charting beef, you'd do it by the pound. Or gas, by the gallon.

Brett said...

Beautiful - thanks for the blog and info.!!