Saturday, November 25, 2006

7 Oaks Foreclosure

Another FB using Craigslist to try and throw a hail mary pass for the end zone. This home was purchased 9/23/05 for $524k and now on sale for $479k. Thats a $45k loss, ohh and don't forget the back taxes due in 2005 (supplemental). This new comp now will take $45k and more from all of the neighbors in 7 Oaks. Looks like the Housing ATM is running out of cash:

PHOTOS: HAVE 4 DAYS TO SELL - bank is foreclosing

I cannot make my payments and the bank is foreclosing.

Purchased in Sept 05 for $524,000.

My price of $479,000 will go up on Nov 25th. Bank must approve offer


Anonymous said...

You can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure and give you more time to sell your home.

Anonymous said...

Even in chapter 13 they still have to make the payments. Plus if you piss off the Bank too much they will go judical foreclosure and go after this guy for years to come. Better to work with Bank.

dusty said...

With the government telling us how wonderful the economy is, its too bad so many people don't pay attention to the economic indicators that showed this was starting quite awhile back.

Anonymous said...

I just released my report on Orange County
Daily Home Price Analysis

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