Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sycamore Canyon Golf Course for sale

The golf course in Arvin is for sale. The sale is no big deal to me, not sure who will pay $8.5 million for a bad golf course. Does anyone think the development potential is really there for this project? From the listing:

Property Description:

The golf course was opened in 1992 as PGA 18 hole golf
course.The course is 160 acres and 7,300 yard championship course with 300 yard
driving range. The course embrce 9 lakes which flows around 13 holes.World
ranking PGA golfer, Jim Furyk, played Sycamore Canyon golf course for1993 PGA
Qualifying First Rounding Course.

The golf course has extra land to be developed for 49 single house and 55 townhomes also 111 unis resort style hotel site within the golf course.The surrounding area is being developed by major developer for 3,000 residential units with community style shopping center and much more.

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beebs said...

Oh My God!

I spent 6 months working in Arvin and cannot even get my mind around the fact that there is a PGA golf course there.

Did someone expect golfers from LA county to buy into the development?

Totally preposterous.