Thursday, January 10, 2008

The natives are getting restless

SACRAMENTO -- Facing the worst fiscal crisis of his tenure, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today proposed a $141-billion spending plan that would reduce healthcare programs for the poor, close 48 state parks, release tens of thousands of nonviolent inmates early and make substantial changes in almost every area of the state's budget.At the same time, he proposed expanding the state's debt load by more than $40 billion to finance more construction at public schools, colleges and other major institutions.

Schwarzenegger said the reductions were essential to close a $14.5-billion deficit created by the slumping housing sector and other economic factors.

Click to read Public Opinion of the Govenator.


Omar Cruz said...

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Peahippo said...

Arnie is no better or worse than Gray Davis. There's a reason why we call 'em "Clownifornians". Put a movie star in the Gov's Mansion and Clownifornians are as happy as clams ... while their economy is writhing like a poisoned snake.

Count on Arnie taxing EVERYTHING in sight ... and yes, that will mean raising the car taxes and fees significantly, which will be -- IRONIC! (The irony will be lost on Clownifornians, however.)

Larry~Hammed said...

Gee why is the state 14 billion in the red ? Every pc idiot in the ca. gov. and the left wing media never give the reason why the state is broke. can anyone say Illegasl aliens , and all the welfare children they have. cut of the magnates that draw illegals here and the deficit goes away. but it will not , this should have stopped in 1994 with prop 187. but as long as the sacto socialist gov continues to deny reality the state will always be broke.

Larry~Hammed said...

The sacto socialists are more concerned with shortening term limits by raising the term limit to 12 years, and they did vote themselves a pay raise unamimously, even though the state is busted. All the demotards are hard core fascists who never had ajob, were indoctrinated in these left wing colleges, and have no common sense , the mexican demotards are all reconquista racists who are more concerned about Illegal ALiens than the tax paying legal citizens. This peyaso gil cedillo only wastes tax dollars on his 200 th attempt to give drivers licences to illegals, when 75% of the state says no. the other 255 are Illegals. The state is screwed until we remove the fascist left wingers in sacto