Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I am a victim...I had no idea what Crisp & Cole or Tower Lending were doing. I trusted David and Carl."

Let the blame game begin. These folks now claim they were duped by David and Carl.

BEFORE you read today's story lets go back in time and see what the "victims" said before they were duped.

Sac Bee Puff Piece (Oct 2005):

"He got into the real estate business right when it was starting to boom here ... and he has just the right personality for it," said Crisp's mother-in-law, Leslie Sluga, who has bought and sold investment properties with his help. "You can't tell him 'no.' He just doesn't understand the word 'no.' It's kind of scary sometimes."

From today's Bakersfield Californian:


The 25-page document says actions by Cole, Crisp and the employees constituted fraud, "dishonest dealing" and "substantial misrepresentations of material facts."

Cole "failed to take reasonable steps" to review loan applications and prevent false employment, occupancy and other statements on the loan papers, the accusation states.

Crisp, Pinheiro and Cole identified Sluga as a Crisp, Cole & Associates employee to induce SunTrust Mortgage, based in Richmond, Va., to issue $374,000 worth of loans to fund the purchase of 800 Astoria Park Drive, the report said.

To purchase 11504 Haydock Court with $1.7 million in loans from Anthem, Ariz.-based Kirkwood Financial Corp., the company identified Sluga as the owner of California Business Solutions, of Bakersfield, when she actually worked there as a bookkeeper.

"They used me to buy these properties that they wanted because I have good credit," Sluga said Monday.

Neither she nor her daughter had any knowledge of the activities mentioned in the report and her family is distraught, Sluga said. She says she signed loan documents, but never saw the applications.

"I am a victim," Sluga said. "I had no idea what Crisp & Cole or Tower Lending were doing. I trusted David and Carl."

PDF of Accusations of Fraud


Bakersfield Bubble said...

This is what the implode o meter site says about Kirkwood:


Anonymous said...

Victim?....PLEASE....your husband is a CPA who should have known better. Raising the question, does anyone know if Sluga is Crisp & Cole's accountant?

TheFunSucker said...

yeah right woman....the truth is that you trusted ol uncle Carl and cousin Crisp would make you all kinds of money so that you could jet set the country just like those two bozos.

It was plain, good old fashioned greed that drove poor mama and daughter to these clowns...they deserve whatever they get and then some!

ken said...


Anonymous said...

To thefunsucker
The truth how do you know that is the truth? Do you know for a fact that they made any kind of money? Do you have hard evidence to prove that these woman made any kind of money off of this stuff? I think you are just writing stuff because you think you know what is really going on, but in reality you don't even have a clue. What you said is just your opinion and that is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I know this fool. Leslie Sluga's husband Kevin, was our accountant and a friend of my husband for years. I don't see her as someone easily duped. Leslie comes across as a hard, shrewd, cold, person. Someone who comes from money and expects to live well. Yeah, she 'trusted David and Carl' to help her make some easy cash in their shady dealings. Victim my ass.

bako said...

Sluga was the personal accountant for David and others in Crisp & Cole. They all knew what was going on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your last blog, BB. The California State Board of Accountancy should be investigating this matter. This whole thing smells.....

TheFunSucker said...


"Do you know for a fact that they made any kind of money?"

I guess you're right...Megan did it becuase she a super nice gal and just wanted to help poor David!

By the way here are facts on some of Megan Balod's properties...11402 Marazion, 11313 Covent Gardens, 9811 Vertice and 10725 Vista Bonita. She paid a total of $2,739,000 for these homes...guess who she bought them from, cousin Crisp! do you know what Crisp sold them to her for, he sold them for a combined total $2,038,000. That's a profit of $701,000 for Crisp....do you suppose he may have given poor Megan some of that profit or do you really think cousin Crisp screwed poor Megan, his very own sister in law!???

Pull your head buddy!

PS- if she wasn't on the take then she's not greedy she's just plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

"Neither she nor her daughter had any knowledge of the activities mentioned in the report and her family is distraught, Sluga said." Uh...which daughter would that be?

Ichabod said...

RAID! Crisp's office being RAIDED Wednesday morning, 9/12/07! News crews on scene.

Info from rumored eyewitness: 6-8 unmarked cruisers pulled in front of Crisp Real Estate. Witness stated they were armed.

Start singing Crisp!

Raynor said...

Which is the title co?


Raynor said...

"....I had no idea what Crisp & Cole or Tower Lending were doing. I trusted David and Carl."

Suppose we will hear this again?

Many times?

BTW & FWIW, Title Co. = Chicago??

Anonymous said...