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Some video from tonights news:

From KBAK TV 29

From the Bakersfield Californian



From KERO TV 23

The home of Crisp’s mother, Tu Crisp, at 12716 Crown Crest, was also searched by FBI agents. And at around 11 a.m. Wednesday, two men were seen being led from the home in handcuffs and into a Bakersfield Police Department vehicle.Spokesman Steve Dupre also said agents were searching the home of Crisp's in-laws, Kevin and Leslie Sluga, who live at 12403 Crown Crest Drive


Sources state the following agencies issued 13 search warrants and the locations were raided by FBI, IRS, DRE, Bakersfield Police and Kern County Sheriffs.


I just left the scene and several locations. WOW!!

Bakersfield Californian:

Federal agents served search warrants on several homes and businesses connected to real estate agents David Crisp and Carl Cole early Wednesday morning.

Californian reporters at Cole’s offices on Gosford Avenue and White Lane tried to talk with employees who were outside dealing with customers while agents were inside the offices. But employees refused to talk about the situation.

FBI agents were visiting 13 locations Wednesday morning and were seizing documents, according to Steve Dupre, special agent and spokesman of the Sacramento division of the FBI.


FBI agents and other federal authorities were searching the home and offices of real estate agent David Crisp and his family and associates Wednesday morning.

KGET's Jim Scott and Kiyoshi Tomono, who are on the scene, said dozens of agents and technicians are inside the gates of the Grand Island neighborhood at Seven Oaks in Southwest Bakersfield. Agents are at 13 sites, including the office of a real estate appraisal company, the FBI said.

Seven Oaks is, perhaps, Bakersfield's most prestigious neighborhood, and Grand Island is one of the most exclusive parts of Seven Oaks. Houses are priced at $2 million or $3 million or more.
Agents also were at Crisp's home in an even more exclusive gated community, across Buena Vista Road, in the 10500 block of New Quay Court, near the Seven Oaks clubhouse. They were at the Crisp and Associates office in the Town and Country shopping center.

The raids began at about 8 a.m. KGET crews said authorities appeared to be conducting a search. No arrests were seen.

On Monday, the California Department of Real Estate issued a formal accusation that Crisp and his former partner, Carl Cole, deceived mortgage companies to secure huge loans on luxury homes in the Seven Oaks area.


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Anonymous said...


Ichabod said...

13 Sites!


FBI agents are in thirteen different places RIGHT now raiding all things CRISP!


redmondjp said...

This is awesome.

Somebody is making reservations at Club Fed right now, methinks.

Ichabod said...

I can just see the receptionist now as the agents bust through the office doors:

"Hello, welcome to Crisp Real Estate, how may I help you?"

Sunset Beach Guy said...

Hey, that is great. It is almost Bakersfield Bubble Party time.

I hope Crisp gets a little nervous & twitchy and provokes an agent who gives him a tune up.

Anonymous said...


The Fed is doing the right thing?!?!? NO!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we intend to deceive.......

Raynor said...

Whooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!

Raynor said...


(but quicker than even I thought!)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Appraisal Company they raided?

Ichabod said...

Anyone know what Appraisal Company they raided?

News doesn't mention, but 29 news said Cole's RE company, Points West, was also raided.

Where is bakoguy to tell us Cole is really a good guy and not involved???

Hey! Cole was the responsible broker, that means he signed off and approved EVERYTHING! Cole might actually be in MORE hot water than Crisp!

Bakersfield Bubble said...

San Joaquin Appraisals

Bakersfield Bubble said...

I just left the scene.

Gwynster said...

wow! Congrats on this whole thing busting apart. I have a list of place for the agents to hit in Sacramento once you are done with them

Raynor said...

I wonder now about where Carl and David are?

Hope they don't find David hanging in one of his garages!

(He's probably in Mexico though)

SLO Bear said...

Please tell us you have some pictures!

Anonymous said...

They raided Kevin and Leslie Sluga's home, too. I wonder if they will raid California Business Solutions' office, too? Is Sluga Crisp's accountant?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

No pics - I will get from the media. (yes I screwed up)

SLuga raided??? Source??

SLO Bear said...

C'mon BB! Not even a crappy cell phone pic?

Today is the D-Day for the Bakersfield housing bubble.

Well, at least you can be prepared for the perp walk.

(I'm only teasing)

ProblemWithCaring said...

Was it just a year ago that they were doing battle with the"heartless gossipmongers" that were hurting their business and reputations?

Perhaps in another year from now a lot more brokers will be asked to explain how they are making such obscene profits in such limited financial markets.

And of course dispell rumors of their ultimate demise...Natch.

Anonymous said...

The home of Crisp’s mother, Tu Crisp, at 12716 Crown Crest, was also searched by FBI agents. And at around 11 a.m. Wednesday, two men were seen being led from the home in handcuffs and into a Bakersfield Police Department vehicle.

Spokesman Steve Dupre also said agents were searching the home of Crisp's in-laws, Kevin and Leslie Sluga, who live at 12403 Crown Crest Drive.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Sluga and Crisp's mother live on the same street. Cozy.

Bakersfield Bubble said...


Anonymous said...

is san joaquin apprl owned by Skip?

Ichabod said...

Check out and click on the video from Crisp & Cole's "hayday." I have never seen that commercial before and it seems just eery!

Ichabod said...

The Californian is reporting that Michael Munoz's home was also searched. He is now an agent for RE/Max Magic.


Raynor said...

"is san joaquin apprl owned by Skip?" ~~anon


Raynor said...

Is title co. Commonwealth I wonder?

Raynor said...

Who were two guys led off in "cuffs"??

Anonymous said...

San Joaquin Appraisal firm is owned by Kirk "Mark" Newton.

Anonymous said...

Nobody important - video of it above.

elasticity said...

Oh 26 year old millionaire David Cole, what's your elasticity?

SLO Bear said...

The picture on the Californian website of the armed IRS agent made me just about pee my pants!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on San Joaquin. I had dealings with the slim bag before - I called bullshit on an appraisal, but the CEO of my now defunct company overruled me.

Anonymous said...

"The picture on the Californian website of the armed IRS agent made me just about pee my pants!"

I know what you mean. No one deserves the terror that the treasury police can bring on.

Anonymous said...

Check out for the arrests. Stolen street signs???!!!

Max said...

I know what you mean. No one deserves the terror that the treasury police can bring on.

The IRS is probably there to provide pressure on the stated income loan documents. If you stated $100K/yr income to the lender, and reported $50K/yr to the IRS, you're lying to somebody.

Would you rather go to federal prison for tax fraud, or federal prison for fraud for housing?

Tough choice.

Anonymous said...

"The IRS is probably there to provide pressure on the stated income loan documents. If you stated $100K/yr income to the lender, and reported $50K/yr to the IRS, you're lying to somebody."

They are examining HUD-1's and are looking to make sure those documents were prepared properly. They are probably looking for 1099's that should have been filed on the sales as well.

Very ugly.

Anonymous said...

I need more info!! Where is update #5??? :)

Anonymous said...

i know make some stuff up

Anonymous said...

Jill Pinheiro (named in DRE accusation) also works at Remax/Magic. Previously C&C employee. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

-Fifty7- said...

Time to get out the popcorn boyz this is going to be good!!!! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tu Crisp

What a Name!!!

Raynor said...

Mike Munoz works at ReMax too...

Bakersfield Bubble said...

What did I miss??

I have been gone for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

The link to the defaulted properties is amazing. Do these bank robbers have anything that is not in default?

Raynor said...

I wonder who David will get to defend him?

Could be some kind of "Dream Team" from LA or Bay Area?

David's got plenty of cash!

A "white-collar OJ"!!

Bakersfield Bubble said...

You think they still have money?

Jennifer is driving a freaking bettle (see KGET video).

I think they smoked all that cash.

Ichabod said...

One of the arrested is Jeriel Salinas (Crisp agent)!!!!!!!!!!

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Thanks Icahbod. Does anyone know who the other one was?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Crisp and Associates Realtor Jeriel Salinas, 26, and his brother, Wyatt Salinas, 22, were arrested for possession of stolen street signs.


Anonymous said...

"Crisp and Associates Realtor Jeriel Salinas, 26, and his brother, Wyatt Salinas, 22, were arrested for possession of stolen street signs." From the KGET web site. One of them lives at Tu Crisp's house. I thought the stolen street signs was a particularly hilarious touch - I can just picture them frantically changing the names of streets to hide true property locations.

ken said...

Oh boy!! David best "get out of Dodge"!! He should take up residence in some non-extradition country, or its gonna be Tu Crisp and her son "Overly"!! He's gonna be TOAST!

Anonymous said...

My god. Stealing street signs? At 26? These people are all asshats. Jeriel Salinas was one of the agents featured in that ridiculous Crisp & Cole agent recruitment ad on Too damn funny.

Anonymous said...

You know that in some way all of us will end up paying for these guys playing. Now we'll probably even have to bear the cost of a public defender. Where's that infamous billion dollar letter of credit, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Jeriel Salinas is the "owner" of a property on my street, Harrington. On Labor Day, 3 fellows (I've got pictures) were seen removing appliances out of the house. The house is in default, and it's never been lived in since construction was completed last fall. I would hope they take a close look at his business as well.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Can you forward those to me?

Curious said...

Congrats, Crispy!!

You kept the pressure on these fraudsters. Now that they're going down, do you feel like doing a little pro bono work in the Sacramento area?

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I haven't seen this many posts since Cole's son tried to defend him on this blog.

Guess even his son didn't realize all his shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

How can we get the FBI to pay attention to the Temecula/Murietta situation with Hendrix Montecastro et. al.? The DRE knows but why no district attornety or FBI arrests? What is the sectret for getting these Inland Empire thieving b*st*rds on the hot seat?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Start a blog so you can get some leads then...

Email a couple of local reporters with those leads...


Waste hours of your life on the internet doing searches, fielding emails, etc.. then find out that two and a half years has passed and you are a total loser - LMAO!!!

Bakersfield Bubble said...

"WOW - I haven't seen this many posts since Cole's son tried to defend him on this blog.

Guess even his son didn't realize all his shenanigans!"


That must have been their low budget PR campaign - BAHAHAHAH


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the length but a few observations/questions:

First--how clever to know to do simultaneous loan applications so that multiple loans could be procured from different lenders. But how could a husband buy owner occupied and then the wife (who apparently also followed the same procedure) also buy owner occupied?

Second: How many were involved in this scheme besides the realtors, the loan officers, the escrow company (companies???), the appraisers....? Apparently a well trained machine.

Third: I understand and approve whatever action is deemed appropriate for those found guilty but what about the others...the ones who accepted $ for the use of their name, credit etc? Will they just go their merry way?

Fourth: If David Crisp admited his wrongdoing and the harm he has done, would we as a city forgive him (after he served/paid as determined by the courts and agencies).

Just curious.

Perfect Storm said...

Kudos Crispy, the SOB is getting his, hopefully Bubbba will be giving it to him in the big house. Cole can watch for a $100 bucks.

Anonymous said...

The company website has been taken down. MAybe sounded too much like wanted!

Anonymous said...

Their website got shut down for non payment a long time ago, their phones got turned off for a while also, haha! You can call Arrival for verification!

BlowMeDavey said...

Davey will be just fine tossed in a cage for a couple of years as long as he has Casey Serin to gobble his todger.

BubbleBoy said...

I'm like a kid in the candy store. I heard someone say we should have a "Crisp'mas" party. It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Anonymous said...

Bubbleboy, you are having TOO much fun - NOT! This IS Christmas to all of us who have watched and had a bad taste in our mouth. Let all the f***ers go down and may the IRS take care of them for a long time!

Anonymous said...

oops.. I don't know why the NOT is there in the 1st sentence, I am luving this whole crackdown!

Anonymous said...

Hope they got what they were looking for today..... Crisp and a "helper" spent the evening loading lot into the back of a truck.

subsonic22 said...

I'd say C&C are toast. I wonder if C&C's family members and employees will have his back the way Michael Vick's crew had his back when the indictments were handed down. The flipping that C&C did will be nothing compared to the gyrations done by their relatives/employees. It will be interesting to see how much hole time Crisp especially will do. Given all the frauds he has committed, he could potentially do life. I don't think he will get that long, but I've got to think it will be years, not months and probation.

Anonymous said...

Anon: More info on Crisp and the helper loading please! What? When? WHere?

Anonymous said...

Okay, all media sources are reporting 13 sites, however, same sources are only reporting raids on 8 sites. Where/who are the remaining 5 sites??

Raynor said...

Something was said on TV last night that was interesting -- CASH was being gathered from various locations.

I have to wonder if the tremendous amounts of cash were all in overseas accounts or were just in floor safes and other lockable areas. Perhaps these "boys" weren't as sophisticated as we think?

Perhaps FBI acted so quickly partly to keep them from shredding but also to gather cash which was meant to flee with?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

"Hope they got what they were looking for today..... Crisp and a "helper" spent the evening loading lot into the back of a truck."


I know the Feds visit. Hopefully they look into this.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

The print newspaper this morning (I have not checked the web yet) listed 11 addresses. 2 must be unknown.

Rumors are all about what those were, but I would bet the indictment that will be issued soon will give us all the details.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

"will have his back the way Michael Vick's crew had his back"

Agree. It already looks like the mother in law and sister in law (according to the newspaper comments) have already turned on these guys. I would bet everyone starts turning very quickly...

Raynor said...

Bubble: Do you mean at Haydock?

Bakersfield Bubble said...


Did you see the "interview" Kurt did with Crisp on Monday night where he loads the silver brief case in his trunk? I wonder how much $$$ was in there?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

KERN 1410 is talking about it.

They have some great tape going...smoe guy is really pissed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BB. I found ll sites on eyeoutforyour site. News reported last night they seached Crisp's mercedes. Maybe that is 12th? Too many to keep track. Was 13th a local escrow company? Maybe Carl's mercedes.

Raynor said...

Rumor has it a black dude at Haydock was loading a rental truck half the night last night.

Wonder why no one was watching that?

Also rumor is that Jennifer was cruising through T&C mall half the night too.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

I wonder if they will be at church on Sunday?


subsonic22 said...

This should be a pretty open and shut case for the feds. C&C will get the Michael Vick special, plead guilty now or go to trial and be found guilty. Club fed or state prison. Get out of prison before your kids start junior high, or get out of prison just in time before they are married. Good thing that it looks like Crisp especially is stopped now or else he would have been a billionaire by the time he was 35, albeit one with a negative net worth.

Raynor said...

Crisp goes to church?


The Church of "Flip 'em for Jesus"??

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Scott Cox was reading the article about him building a church - LMAO! Once again religin and business should not be mixed...

Anonymous said...

Sub you have crossed the line. There are not many people jumping up and down over C&C finally getting the "real" media coverage they deserve. Crisp's toddler son did not have the choice of how his unfit father did business. Leave the kids out of this. Being an unfit (soon to be absent) father is the biggest crime Crisp should be charge with!!

Raynor said...

"Flip" Wilson used to have his own church, remember?

"The Church of What's Happening Now!"

Anonymous said...

There are not many people jumping up and down over C&C finally getting the "real" media coverage they deserve.
Sorry! Meant to say not many are jumping up and down more than I am!! I'm almost too old to jump, up most of the night with charlie horses in those "older" calf muscles. It was sooooo worth it.

Anonymous said...

Could somebody post the link to the video of Crisp putting the brief case in the trunk?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

See the video and picture

Funny Circus Bears said...

Greenspan: "I didn't get it..."

Anonymous said...

I heard the appraiser, Mark Newton, has let employees go in anticipation of the FBI coming in. He's just been waiting. Freaky.
I'm an appraiser. It sounds like sour grapes to outsiders to hear some of us complaine about his business practices. Appraisers that strive to do an honest job for all concerned have been subjected to lenders that expect us to lower our standards to Mark Newton's standards. So for those lenders, what'cha gonna do now? I would be surprised if you'd be able to survive this slump without his "assistance". A word of advice, step back and reorganize your priorities. We all need to make a living, but instead of climbing all over everybody to get your commission, don't lie, don't do business with realtors or appraisers that lie, will lie for you, or ask you to lie. It's not that difficult. You might actually get some sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from a friend Mark Newton, San Joaquin Appraisal Service, is doing a press conference at noon. KGET will cover conference. Could someone watch and let us know?

Anonymous said...

I heard the interview was uneventful and Mark Newton claims he has done nothing wrong, etc. Time will tell.

Regarding those loan people that preferred the "assistance" of Mark Newton, just more reason to expect everone to be licensed, as individuals. That's one way to "clean house".

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Thanks for the update.

I am eager to hear what he said, I assume his atty was near his side?

Anonymous said...

apprasier admits to over valuing elder homeowners home...

Anonymous said...

How many appraisers worked for San Jooaquin appraisers? Does anyone know. I was told it was over 20 at one point in the boom.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

“I have nothing to worry about,” Newton said. “I have nothing to be concerned about. My work is good"


From on from the appraiser

Rob Dawg said...

One Hundred and murst? [ducks]

Anonymous said...

Bakersfield is fast becoming number 1 for crooks. Bubble what about Juhasz DMJ Custom Homes he walked off with tons of money and has left foreclosures behind. I hear he hit some big people in town and about 15 buyers

From The Hart said...

Attention all Real Estate Bloggers:
I'd like to invite you to join the ABC23 news team. Give me a call if you see any activity around town in this ongoing investigation.
Newsroom Hotline: 637-2320

Mike Hart

Rob Dawg said...

Attention ABC23 news team. Bloggers want you to do your own damn job starting about 2 effin years ago! You are personally and collectively responsible for allowing an ongoing major criminal enterprise to operate in full view and with your cooperation to the last harm to the genral public. Hang yyour head in shame ask for forgiveness and strive to make up for past sins.

I am not being harsh here. The 4th estate really screwed up and arrogantlt ignored the bloggers who were screaming for their attention. Now we get an "invite?" Here's an idea. We got it right, you got it wrong. Give us all the pay you've collected and we'll give you what we've gotten. Then just to make things fair we'll treat you as amateur meddlers.

From The Hart said...

Rob Dawg,
Thanks for your comments.
If you want to blame the media for this, get in line.
We do our job, as evident by all the links to the various media sites in this blog and others.
We don't deal in fiction but fact, not rumors but reality.

"The 4th estate really screwed up and arrogantlt (sp?) ignored the bloggers who were screaming for their attention. Now we get an "invite?" Here's an idea. We got it right, you got it wrong."

Got what wrong?
Screaming for attention?
What have you gotten, hard proof?
I just found Bakersfield Bubble today, and it's an interesting blog.
BTW, you're not being harsh.
I've been hit harder.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg--Haven't heard of you, or anyone, turning over documents showing fraud or presenting a straw buyer to the California, 17, whoever. What would the story have been--"anonymous bloggers say there is fraud" And it's not like C&C were about to hand over documents to someone without a FBI badge and warrant.

Of course, 23 begging for help now is also pretty pathetic.

Rob Dawg said...

If you want to blame the media for this, get in line.

Ummm, I am a founding member of that line. If you had done any journalism before firing off your post you'd have possibly uncovered that.

And that's the problem. You "invite" bloggers to stop doing what they've been doing better for years and "join" thoose who haven't been doing anything.

Here on this blog last November:

Rob Dawg said...
This isn't in any way jealousy or envy. David Crisp is building a $5m mansion, has a $500k car and a $50k watch. This is his cash flow half share of a real estate brokerage? NFW. There is just no way and NEVER WAS a way for the Bakersfield market to support such excess. I'm not going to be satisfied when Crisp goes down. The DA and others need to get their desserts as well before anything close to justice is served. The CSU trustees deserve some blame. The Bakersfield City Council and planning staff deserve even more responsibility.

I can see the press conference now. Cole an elderly and respected citizen leaves a corrupt situation, turns state witness and expresses regret at being duped and ashamed by any harm that shyster Crisp caused.

My number one on the blame parade? The paper. These bastards are gonna get reporting awards for the events they helped cause.

Fri Nov 17, 05:52:00 PM PST
You missed this? I saw it years ago from 100 miles away.

The 4th estate is late and looking to collect on an accident they helped cause.

Anonymous said...

Ouch Rob Dawg!

OK, last night after sun went down, a very large black man (maybe the same guy on Haydock) backed a truck up the driveway and proceeded to start loading. Boxes mostly - no bodies. Her new "Rolls" was there all day today, no benz. She and the poor tot have not been in the house for a month or so, maybe 6 weeks. Don't know where she is hiding out.
Any way, prior to the raid.... the garage on the south most side (the garage that most of the stations showed in their clips) was wall to wall boxes and leftover office chairs, desks, etc. This last week the chairs, desks and many boxes took a long ride. So when they did the big raid, the contents of the garage were down to a minimum. I do know that the people building across the street from them, got into a pissing match with Crisp constantly filling up their construction dumpster with "green waste"..... hmmmmmm???

Today in the driveway is just a flat/stake bed trailer and a big shovel. Maybe they should be looking for freshly planted flowers?

And yes, I am SURE he has cash hid somewhere - how much who knows. They were high rollers.... but that's a lot to blow.

From The Hart said...

Do you have next week's lottery numbers?
I actually was looking for some intel on what's happening at Crisp's house.
We don't have time to stake out the place, other fish to fry.
Child porn arrests and gun-toting freaks robbing the Golden West Casino.
And, no one is begging.
All you had to do is say no.
You all know who I am, and where I am.
If you come by the press conference for C&C, whenever that is, stop by and say Hi.

Rob Dawg said...

From The Hart said...
Do you have next week's lottery numbers?

See? That exactly the superior arrogant attitude I'm talking about. You cannot even pretend to hide it in a blog exchange.

At least all those "other fish to fry" are on the back burner now. Amazing how priorities change.

Anonymous said...

hart of the matter is just like david, arrogant to the end

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're camped out in those buildings on Stockdale Highway.

From The Hart said...

"Ummm, I am a founding member of that line. If you had done any journalism before firing off your post you'd have possibly uncovered that."


Opinion is not fact.
I need to study up on doing research involving blog postings as background for future stories.

Did you see the story at 5pm?
Good piece with Newton and Gary Crabtree.

It ran at the bottom of the "A" block.
Other fish, dawg.

Anonymous said...

Hart the Hack!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moneywise will be playing the interview with David Crisp on KERN radio 1410AM Friday evening at 6pm. The show was recorded with Dave Crisp in June of 06 after the Californian published the article about his supposed successes. Hear David talk about himself and answer questions that we now have evidence he lied about.

Rob Dawg said...

"Ummm, I am a founding member of that line. If you had done any journalism before firing off your post you'd have possibly uncovered that."


Opinion is not fact.

It is not opinion. If you had done any background you would have known that.

The problem here is that you have come here with a lot of opinions and by your own admission very few facts.

I need to study up on doing research involving blog postings as background for future stories.
You certainly do. Tell you what. If you've got a big enough email box I'll have a "few" people explain how the claim above is not an opinion.

Max said...

I need to study up on doing research involving blog postings as background for future stories.

Dawg, it's useless (but fun) arguing with this guy. Crispy was on this story over two years ago, crying foul at the puff-pieces in the Californian. (Even their "editorial" wouldn't take responsibility.) Does he get any credit? Never in 1,000,000 years.

Hart, do you need proof to point out the obvious? Do you need a journalism degree to explain what's right in front of your face? How much ad money did C&C spend on your channel, hmm?

We're through the looking glass here, people. Those who promoted and profited from the criminal acts of C&C are here to take credit for "breaking the story", while the dedicated bloggers who dogged this story for years get slammed for not being "professional".

Rob Dawg said...

Good comments. I'm content to see if Mike Hart can take a step back and reassess our respective positions. If that doesn't work I'll that tiny circle of blogger types that know me to politely email him with their opinion of how the MSM has handled the housing bubble, criminal real estate activities and their new position in the information age. Should I limit the responses to 10,000 or should we let everybody chime in? ;-) Wouldn't that make a great story; "MSM reporter takes on the blogosphere and shows them what's what."

From The Hart said...

Finally, yes, send me all your facts.
Unfortunately, I DO need facts.
I can't rely on what's in front of my face, it's called slander.
Regretably, I didn't find your blog until today, or perhaps I could have followed along anonymously as you laid out all the obvious signs that I have apparently missed.
Next time you're screaming for out attention dawg, you can reach me at
I'll give you all the credit, but I'd have to know your name.
There are plenty of anonymous media fish swimming in this pool taking your comments and postings without any nod to the people behind them.
I just happened to stand up and identify myself.
I'd be happy to take a step back and reassess your positions, but I don't know anything about any of you.
I was trying to, when I suffered a dawg bite.

Max said...

I just happened to stand up and identify myself.
I'd be happy to take a step back and reassess your positions, but I don't know anything about any of you.

That's the problem. You don't need to know anything about us. Our facts and common sense speak for themselves. When a 26-year-old former truck loader shows up with a jet and millions of dollars, aren't you the least bit skeptical of his story? Aren't you interested in just how he came into all that money? Does it take a genious or pure luck to point out that something isn't right there?

Unfortunately Hart, most of us bloggers have day jobs. You see, if we had the time and the organizations supporting us, we would be asking the tough questions and digging deeper into these stories. It's a little disingenuous of you to accuse us of not providing our "real names" or provable (to you) facts when that's your job!!!! Go beyond the press releases and the single-source stories. Get off your lazy ass and find out the truth. Serve the people.

Do you friggen job.

Perfect Storm said...

You know the funny thing is what if David Crisp had been following this Blog or Ben Jones Blog for that matter. I remember Crispy talking about Boy Wonder on Ben Jones Blog before he started Bakersfield Bubble. If he had followed the commentary on either of those blogs he may have not ended up in this position, but with that being said David Crisp is either just a major idiot or he really thought he could keep this bullshit scheme of his going. I think the later, he thought because he had a I won't take no for answer attitude anything was possible. Well when you think of it, it is sort of weird how we all knew David Crisp's fate two years ago and he did not.

Billionaire by 35 shuffling houses around, what a freakin moron, I mean dame he is just a freakin idiot. Just think David Crisp up there with Warren Buffet. Real Estate Mogul laugh my ass off.

Bakersfield Bubble said...


I did email your station several times over the last few years, but you guys ignored me.

I have always assumed the reason guys ignored me and this story is because your station carried a significant number of those Crisp and Cole 30 minute infomercials.

How much money did your station make of those ads? Did that influence the station to look the other way? I am not saying it did - I just wonder if it played any role?

Most of the people here (& on all the other bubble blogs) started out several years ago on the Housing Bubble Blog run by Ben Jones (and a couple of other national bubble blogs). Most of us were tired of hearing the stories of Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and other greddy REIC members who were committing fraud on a massive scale.

All the media could do was puff up these media darlings (there is a Crisp in every town, althougn most were not this excessive) and ignore the obvious signs of fraud due to the FED and their stupidity is keeping short term rates way too low for way too long. All the while doing nothing with the current credit standards (which they have some control over) that allowed individuals to purchase muliples homes with NINA, NINJA and other toxic mortgages.

Where do we stand now. Well now we have massive foreclosure numbers here in the Central Valley because many REIC members told homedebtors that "they better buy now or be priced out forever" or "real estate only goes up" or "they are not making anymore land" or "(insert BS sales line)".

All through 2004-2006 anytime someone from the media would report on this bubble they would always bring in some "balance" with some talking head from some REIC based organization (NAR, NAHB, MBA, CAR,...) who would pull out their bag buy now tricks and try and keep this mania going.

Well the bag of tricks (lies) no longer works. As reported here on Dec 7, 2006 (not covered until a few days later by the MSM) the subprime implosion happended and now 155 lenders have gone bust. Home prices in the Central Valley have gone down at least 15% (even more if you add incentives and cash back and all the other BS going on) and prices will continue to go down for several more years - Guaranteed. Foreclsures will also rise and any more will lose their homes because they bought into this lie so some shady REIC members could make a buck.

Thats where I stand. Thanks for visiting.

Kiki said...

Dawg -
I agree completely with your factual point to Hart. Supposed leaders in Bakersfield have had their heads up their @** for too long. It was so obvious that C&C was fraudulent, that the fluff pieces done by the press were $ driven, Cal State Bakersfield is a institution for the lame and our city leaders are in bed with developers. Don't forget that they have no clue how to plan a city to begin with. (Stockdale Highway at Real Road is one of many examples)

I believe the link to the psycology behind the mind of all the people who got caught up in the game of spend now pay later stems from the religious institutions. The name it and claim it mentality was introduced locally through the Assembly of God/Pentecostal churches starting early 1990. The movement introduces a doctrin based on a belief that if you give greatly God will bless you with material wealth. This in my opinion put pressure on the biblically ignorant and they went out and spent/borrowed their way into an illusion of God's blessing. Hense, that is why Crisp wanted to start a church. Look at all the "things" from God that David has, he must be truly a disciple of God. He must have that direct connection that only other people could dream of.
It's a sick twisted mentality that leads to personal destruction in the form of financial chaos. Don't get me wrong, not all church going folk are that stupid, but this mentality should be examined in reflection historically as to what drives these manias. Taken into consideration the Federal Reserve set up a perfect storm of liquidity for the weak minded to exploit.
I truly believe that C&C are deceived by pride and that pride goeth before the fall.

Anonymous said...

Boy, this is good stuff! I have to agree with the Dawg and BB here, Mike. Until the DRE/FBI raids, I don't recall seeing ONE story on KERO about housing in Bakersfield. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) KBAK, KGET and the Californian started stepping up to the plate late last year....where you been?

For those of us who have been following the obvious for the past two years, your "here I am" announcement on this blog is somewhat annoying.

P.S. - Loved the Monopoly bit on tonight's newscast!

WaitingToBuy said...

In my opinion, most of these news investigator types were probably riding the RE wave themselves. It's a tough wave to get off and try to destroy. Now is the logical time to jump on the anti-Crisp bandwagon because the writing is on the wall and only a few, very few, card carrying Realtors are optimistic about the slide ending any time soon.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Mike, actually needs someone to spoon feed him "facts" to uncover the blaring stupidity of the C&C saga.

You fools (Bakersfield news community) called him a "Mogul?"

What did you pimp your headlines for?

Did you get to walk through the jet?

Sit in the ride?

Invited to the party?

Mike, since you're searching for leads, here's a bone for next round of real estate news that blogs will be covering now that the "bubble" popped:

1. Reporters too stupid to know the obvious; now fishing for leads on the blogs.

2. The blogs will now document how stupid and lazy news reporter showed up three years late for the biggest real estate story in Btown's history -- well, at least until the FBI showed up on Crisp's front door.

3. Bloggers now speculate on how much money local television and newspapers made off Crisp & Cole's ad cash (hush money).

3. Stupid, crooked "real estate mogul" fools stupid news people.

4. Part-time bloggers out-report local news media with half their brains ties behind their backs.

5. Part-time bloggers out-perform local media in spotting a crook.

Here, Mike, just a few tips to get you going in the right direction.

One more thing about our identity. Unlike real estate agents and mortgage "consultants" whom seem to have the need to have their face and photo on every bus stop, our interest is in protecting our community from scum that want to exploit it.

Merced "going quickly"

MistressRuby said...

This blog is flippin brilliant. I stumbled on it many months back and have checked in on a regular basis to get the REAL scoop on the local real estate snakes. I certainly couldn't find anything on any of our news channels about them until now.....

beta said...

hart: perhaps I could have followed along anonymously as you laid out all the obvious signs that I have apparently missed.

You certainly did. Call yourself a journalist? For shame. Investigative journalism is practiced by a small minority, hart excluded. Most in general are celebrity-chasing hacks.

Anonymous said...


Here's a few more stories us bloggers will be looking at in the near future:

1. Who's the first "brilliant" reporter to call Crisp & Cole "Real Estate Moguls?"

2. 3-years of inventory on the Bakersfield real estate market: who's up the river?

3. Bakersfield artificial economy

Just a few more thoughts.

Merced "going quickly"

Rob Dawg said...

Sorry to take the conversation in such an unexpected direction but I hope you'll agree it turned out most entertaining and revealing.

Raynor said...

Mike Hart: You are a good man. I know you, and I KNOW THAT!

But if this is the FIRST time you have visited this blog, then that tells me quite a bit right there!

I have only been coming here a few months but at least I got in before all this excrement finally hit the circular air moving device.

And I can tell you Mike, 90% of what I have read on here has so far come true. The other 10%? Lets wait and see.

Just like the black man and rented truck on Haydock. Hint, hint......

Raynor said...

And Mike...... try looking into the CSUB connection. That is the "next big thing" IMHO.

Raynor said...

Start by looking at NWS website where $1.9 Billion LOC (yes, with a "B" - its more than the entire "Co." was worth!), the UAE connection, and the "Vegas" connections.

Raynor said...

Another interesting point:

To this very day, David insists he was:

"Just helping others"

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Rob -

I agree! Check your email.

Rob Dawg said...

LoL! Thanks.

Yeah, the CSUB land deal still stinks. I'm thinking that there were college monies that went to "options" and engineering studies and the like that ended up in Davey's pocket.

I'd be real interested in any business conflicts the board may have had with area real estate dealings as well.

subsonic22 said...


Great comment, but let's finish the sentence.

I'm just helping others, as long as I get my 3+ point RE commission, 3-5 point mortgage commission, 6 figure "assignment fee", and rigged comps to help my other fraudulent sales.

I used to have a manager who claimed they were in the business for the same exact reason. I can assure you the customer's well being was secondary to how much money they could take extract from the borrower's hide.

It is satistying to watch someone so greedy go down. In response to the anon who thought I went over the line by bringing up Crisp's kid(s). I do feel bad for the kid(s) (I don't know how many he and his wife have). It's not their fault they are in this situation. You can't choose your parents. I can't imagine what it would be to grow up without a father, especially your early childhood years. Too many kids grow up without fathers and IMO not for the better. However, it is a circumstance that Crisp unnecessarily created. Maybe he should have thought more about the consequences of his actions. He knew what he and his partner were doing was illegal. When you are in the hole millions of dollars especially after all the attention you garnered the for all the supposed success you had, it will catch someone's attention. You are correct though, the damage done to his family is Crisp's greatest crime.

Raynor said...

Subsonic (less than 1,000 fps):

Point was, David is getting his "talking points" in order.

1)I was just "helping others"

2) I put my fate entirely in the hands of God.

3) This too shall pass. NOTHING is BIGGER THAN GOD!

Funny Circus Bears said...

The devoutly religious are mentally ill. All of them. No exceptions.

WaitingToBuy said...


You could argue that those without religion are mentally fact there's probably far more evidence to support that rediculous hypothesis than your extremely ludicrious statement.

This isn't a religious're just trying to piss people off. And just because one bad apple falls doesn't mean the whole orchard is bad.

kiki said...

I agree that religiousity gets you nowhere. On a personal note I'm an adherent of Jesus Christ and have seen a false doctrine slip into the local churches that tickle the ears of the sheeple. Whether you are a Christian, Buddist, Humanist(satanist)etc., the trend of massive debt/consumption in this country stems from a spritual void. We need to examine why we fall prey to the banksters whims of "get it now". The last 20 years are an interesting history lesson. Liquidity will dry up and everyone's god will abandon them. I pray we learn from this.

Lone Ranger said...


The MSM exists for one reason generate revenue by selling advertising. Programming exists for one reason draw the marketing audience.

No advertising, no audience, no profit, no jobs for "newscasters." Advertising comes first, real reporting a distant second. "If it bleeds, let it lead".

Intelligent people deserted the MSM long ago. Thank God for the Internet and real news sites like the Bakersfield Bubble.

The fact that you "just discovered" this site proves you never had any real journalistic curiosity what so ever. Had you done a 1 minute Google search a year ago, this site would be very familiar to you.

The info has always been out there. You chose to ignore it.

Stick with sports reporting Mike. You're obviously in over your head.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Raynor said...

Actually, between WaitingtoBuy and Circus Bears there is truth.

I've been screwed over in business by the "extremely religious" just as I have by the secularists.

I guess what I have learned is:


WaitingToBuy said...


I agree emphatically!

Anonymous said...

I have worked in the business for over 15 years. There are greedy bastards all over. And there are some that really do the right thing for their client. When the market started heating up, everybody and then some ran out to get a real estate license. Then the same thing happened with appraisers. The Department of Real Estate and the Organization of Real Estate Appraisers, both state agencies, made a pretty penny issuing licenses. They were not prepared to handle complaints.

Civil-ized said...

This blog is very entertaining. I would like to add a little perspective...

I have had several business and personal dealings with David. We were among the first buyers that he represented as a beginning agent. I have seen him do very generous things and unnecessarily pay money out of his pocket to help others.

I have seen lots of venom and high fives on the local blogs now that David is going down. Most of the comments are generally baseless and have no pointed facts that accuse anybody of anything. I especially like to hear from the people that actually worked for or know C&C.

The rest of you sound like jealous people that knew David in school - as a less than average student - and you were happy to see him waiting tables at On the Border. Then he got rich - really rich. And all the rumors started flying around all over town about him. He was arrested in Vegas, he was on suicide watch, he wrecked his Ferrari, and the list went on. My wife talked to a guy that had never met David (about 2 years ago) and he said he wouldn't touch David with a 10 foot pole. He had no real reason, just didn't like him because of his success. Jealous simple minded people hating someone who is doing well.

You were right - he is a criminal. He lied on loan applications. He tricked innocent mortgage companies. He paid appraisors to lie for him. He shredded documents and hired a guy that lied about being licensed. The FBI, the IRS and whoever else is breathing down his neck.

He will pay for his crimes against humanity. But Mike Hart is right - there are CHILD MOLESTORS roaming the streets right now - trying to drag little girls into their cars. Gangs with machine guns are robbing casinos - here in Bakersfield. There are bigger fish to fry. Gloat and enjoy C&C's downfall. You were right. David is a criminal.

What would really be interesting would be personal experiences of wrongs committed against individuals. At least the MSM was sharp enough to get that right - the lease-to-buy stories.

Come on bloggers - step up and share your personal horror stories of how David wronged you or your families.

Civil-ized said...

Okay - I'll start...David never did us wrong, but Mike Munoz of Crisp and Cole RE - who claimed to be David's best friend - tried to pressure us through a real estate deal - threatened us with a $4000 lawsuit - tried to stick us with paying for a termite inspection on a house we were not going to buy after all - and get this - he was OUR AGENT in the deal. Talk about feeling represented and protected.

Oh, and one of the first things out of his mouth when he met us was "I am a Christian man, you can trust me..."


Anonymous said...

Jealous? Absolutely not!!!!

I live in the "Prestigious" Showcase area of Seven Oaks. I own a multi-million dollar home, I also wear a $50K watch, drive great cars and travel.

But I never did anything illegal or immoral or unethical to ANYONE to get where I am today. I worked my ass off as I still do so that I can have nice things. At least when he was loading trucks and waiting tables he was earning his money honestly.

Jealous??? Not a teeny, tiny, little bit. I look myself in the mirror every day and like who I am. I sleep soundly at night. I have never had a need to have armed bodyguards - for the look of it or for actual safety.

Not at all jealous and not even clapping my hands. Just didn't want the crap living in the neighborhood. Heck, I'd help him pack if it's mean he'd be out sooner!

Justin Case said...

Or cut into portions


See what "from the hart" posted.

He Still seems arrogant, but at least he grudgingly admits the information he recieved form this Blog.

Now, if he had only acted nice and civilized, as a True Professional would, or at least read the last few weeks or last few months of posting, he might not have to leave this blog so hurredly and with fewer Dawg bites.

Anonymous said...

What's with all this "there are molesters and gang bangers" story that are more important? Granted, yes, Bakersfield has its issues: I'm not suggesting ignoring them.

BUT, a three-year housing inventory and a looming foreclosure crisis is not exactly a FYI to cap off the evening.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me with that bigger fish to fry crap? The ramifications of what was perpetrated in this community by C&C (and all their slimy cohorts) are DEVASTATING. And pretty much unprecidented here in our town....I'd say that's a pretty f***ing big fish -

civil-ized 2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob Dawg said...

Looks like somebody has moved on to plan b in their attempt to extract free leads and discovered something about concealing one's identity in the process. Lame.

Realestateslasher said...

Why is there any mention about
Mr. Doremus? He was the person in charge of all agents and none agents and above all Managed all operations

The Law said...

"David and Carl will go down because they flashed their goods in everybody's faces for the last few years and they are the highest profile team with the most obvious defaults."

You are an idiot.

They will be hooked up and thrown in a steel cage to breathe government issued air for many years because they organized and ran a continuing criminal enterprise.

They stole millions of dollars.


Your attempts to minimize their crimes by comparing them to rapists are babyish.

Your attempts to minimize their critics by describing them as "jealous" are infintile.

Your attempt to restrict the discussion to "victims" is moronic.

David and Carl.

Oh, my.

Theyand others will be hooked up and tossed into a cage like the thieving dogs that they are.

Now do you understand?

Realestateslasher said...

Now what does that have to do with
Mr. DOREMUS the person in charge of
all OPERATIONS in that office why ?

Anonymous said...

C&C aint the only ones who are going down ...word is that the feds are working this mess as a RICCO Act prosecution ...

makes sense given all the law enforcement resources that have been thrown at this case ..

Anonymous said...

Are you talking local on the RICCO or you talking out of perhaps? Maybe David just became the bitch that will bring down a real big fish.

Funny Circus Bears said...


Crisp and Cole are not victims of the housing bubble, they are thieves who stole millions and millions of dollars.

The people who concluded early on that their character was low were not jealous, they were correct.

David involved his wife. She will likely go to prison. His greed, arrogance, selfishness, and bloated ego were more important to him than were his own children, who will shortly be without parents.

Please tell me again about the lack of victims here and how the criticisms come from "jealous" people with "no perspective".

You are profoundly ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Not sure yet on the out of town connections, but I have heard that is being probed as well. How did you know that? Regardless, just the local conspiracies (those involved in illegal sales, appraisals, loans, etc) is causing federal authorities to consider applying this statute - largely because of the amount of money involved - keep in mind that the allegations involve a lot more events than have been touched on here or in the media. This is really quite a big deal.

If I had business dealings with this duo I would expect a call from the feds sooner or later ...

Anonymous said...

Heard all sorts of people are getting visits by the feds now...

Anonymous said...


Raynor said...

Slasher: IMO Jack has been turning for Feds for some time now. First DRE then Feds.

Any port in a storm. CYA. Jack is, if nothing else, a survivor.

I just thought he was smarter than this all along. But, as he said many times, "the money was damn good!".

WaitingToBuy said...

I was listening to a local RE show on 1410 today. Some lady called in and said that Crispy bought her house last year or something for $535,000, but Davey had her sign papers saying he bought it for $605,000. The hosts told her to get a lawyer. I thought is was kind of funny. Why would you allow that if you're selling a house???

Anonymous said...

anybody heard of that corp. I listed above? its our boys crisp and cole - check ca dept. or corporations.

Anonymous said...

AIDEN, LOGAN & ASSOCIATES, INC. owns several properties around town. What about C&W Investment Group, Inc.? Cant find info on this corp, but listed as an owner with the other corp on some of the properties.

Anonymous said...

Everything he or anyone associated with him signed will be looked at.

They are all in deep shit, and deservedly so.

These guys stole millions.

Raynor said...

It just keeps going and going. I just hope the local media are finally on board to where they will follow thruoug on all this even if the alphabets soups don't. Viz:

"Crisp does lots of deals with families, especially his own.

Carl Cole was the listing agent when the owners of a home on Draper Court in Seven Oaks sold it for $615,000 in 2004.

Six months later, it was back on the market for a $234,000 increase.

But at $849,000 and with Crisp as the listing agent, it didn't sell.

Cole took the listing back in January 2005, and even though it had been on the market for months without sell, he raised the price.

It still didn't sell.

Then, last September, Crisp and Cole's Michael Munoz was the listing agent. He found a buyer and sold the house for more than $1 million, $421,000 more than the previous price.

The buyer was Jennifer Crisp, David Crisp's wife and Balod's sister.

17 News attempted to contact her last week about some of her real estate purchases, but she declined to comment.

Jennifer got two loans for the house, again from Suntrust Mortgage. She got $1 million the first time, and $295,000 the second time.

A month ago, the mortgage company began foreclosure.

It is one of four of her properties on which notices of default have been filed.

Another home in the same Seven Oaks Grand Island development was sold to Crisp and Cole agent Jeriel Salinas last July for $620,000.

A month later, Salinas transferred it to Aiden Logan and Associates, who sold it the same day to Crisp's mother, Tu Crisp, for $959,000.

That's a $339,000 increase in just over a month.

Mrs. Crisp got 100 percent financing, and now has been served with a notice of default."

Raynor said...

good eye (catch) anon

Aiden Logan & Assoc

Hope alphabet soups have brains enough to at least get to that level.

Let alone: CSUB, Las Vegas, local money launderers who have paid mucho dinero to local media outlets over the years.

Can we finally say RICO? Tampico?


Anonymous said...

David Crisp's son's name is Aiden

Anonymous said...

5514 Leeward Point Dr. is shown to be owned by Aiden, Logan & Associates.....and it was listed for sale with David Crisp.....

Funny Circus Bears said...

Many, many real estate transactions they were personally involved with included them receiving huge sums over and above the actual purchase price. Fraud, forgery, concealment, etc, etc.

I said earlier "His greed, arrogance, selfishness, and bloated ego were more important to him than were his own children..."

And now we see he created a shell corp. named after his son that was used for criminal purposes.

Has he no shame? No decency whatsoever? He involved his wife and KID in his crimes.

I say he tries to hide behind them and his religion. He is not a man, he is a self absorbed coward.

You Deserve Your Reputation said...

I have a question:

Why the FUCK have there been no local Bakersfield media producing anything other then what they are being spoon-fed by the FBI, IRS, etc.?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned digging and shoe leather exposing THE APPEARANCE OF WRONGDOING.

Send someone to the County Recorders Office and elsewhere to put together a picture and start connecting the dots - and publishing what stinks. How fucking complicated is that?

How often does the FBI and IRS sweep into BAKERFIELD and execute a 13 location warrant?

You people have some backwoods, buttfucking so-called journalists bellying up to the bar there in Bakersfield.

Anonymous said...

David Crispy is about to go down on all fours for good.

Maybe the low level lady in his office that had $1,700,000 in property, on a $14 an hour job can give he some pointers on Sucking Cock and taking Freight down the Hershey Highway.

I expect they are going to find lots of turds in that punch bowl.

News flash...........David Crisp is going to build a billion dollar high rise in Bako...oops, the only thing rising is going to be the sperm levels in all of his orfices.

Some free advice to the lying, stealing, cheating retarded looking little shit bag: Open wide for Chunky Ass Clown.

Raynor said...


I'm surprised BB let that last comment go through.

No need to get that graphic. I think grand jury will indict and Feds will have good case even on the $12 mil so far. I would estimate that it is ten times that amount just in baco bits and if you consider the RICO implications and laundering includking CSUB, there is perhaps multiples into the 9 figures if you know what I mean.

This young man (and Old man) needs to be made an example of. If the feds bungle this, then we need to fire them. This is what is called a slam dunk. Remember David owned part of Jam?

I just hope the local media has someone (Kioshe, Hart, Scott, etc.) that will really do the digging required.

We already have people on here with website access (, etc.) it wouldn't even cost them $$!

I must say I have been disappointed Anon and others. I am just hoping the "late to the party's" can start stepping up?

Anonymous said...

this town has NO REAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS .. the air headed blondes on TV get their stories from the local paper and we all know that piece of crap is only useful for lining the trash bin ...

so it is unlikely the true scope of this tragedy will ever get properly reported -

damn shame given the impact these shit bags have had on the local housing market

at least the feds will make their lives miserable

Raynor said...

I hope so Bobby G

I hope so

Anonymous said...

Ethical dilemma for CSUB?

Here's a quote from the September 6, 2004 edition of the Boston Globe regarding previously received cash donations from Kenneth Lay to Boston College University.

"'We should not be in the position of passing judgment on Mr. Lay', said Brady Deaton, interim chancellor. 'But if he is found guilty of serious issues then we would purpose returning the money.' Some university staff members contend the money should be returned regardless of the outcome."

This was written before the outcome of Kenneth Lay's trial for his misdealings at Enron. Lay was a 1964 graduate of Boston College.

Thanks for bringing up CSUB, definitely have a good point!

Anonymous said...

Can we get some more info on the tax who did them? How bout we look at the default list and then look them up on the tax collector site to see if they have been paid. IF crisp was suppose to be paying mortgages and he didnt, then he probably wasnt paying property taxes

Anonymous said...

That was two separate thoughts: 1) more info on the in law connection with taxes; 2) property taxes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much (if any) these two contributed to local political campaigns and to who their cash went to ...

Anonymous said...

Really how many of you that are writing all your BS even know, worked or had deals with CCRE? They are not the only RE ofc or Mtg company to do this. So talk about only what you really know.

Anonymous said...

How bout you practice what you many others re or mtg companies did YOU have dealings with that did the same thing? CC employee...go wont find any sympathy here for doing what all the others were doing...

Anonymous said...

And a comment to the person who worked for CCRE for two months doing the foreging signatures, shredding and what not. Boo hoo for you. And you quit?? Sure your ass was probably fired. And talking bad about Jill? She probably fired your ass. It took you two months to leave? Why so long? Poor poor you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Crisp RE is even still open? Who is this person sticking up for CCRE? Do you still work for Crisp RE? Go away!!!!!

Raynor said...

CSUB got something like $2 mil funnelled to them from C&C.

That should be returned and then those that accepted it be before grand jury

Was Div One worth it, Whore Us?

Oh, thats right, you are immune

Bakersfield Bubble said...

We need to watch the language a bit, otherwise I will turn off the anon comments. This happened before and I had to turn off the anon comments for several months.

I dont mind heated deabte and discussion. Thousands of hits a coming here daily. If we keep that up most will leave and it will be a few hundred people just cusing each other out and the story will go no where.

Also, can the the anons use a name.


Bakersfield Bubble said...

On the defaulted taxes.

The County of Kern website allows you to look up properties. Also, allows you yo look up names. If you use both sites you can find the information.

Realestateslasher said...


Mr Doremes was in it for the money.
Why should he get a break? Atleast
his Real Estate Lic should be
revoked. Singing is good but not a clean get away! He did say "the money was good" He can always go Manage Global Realty Operations...

I've Lurked Here for Months said...

And FINALLY somebody calls them out by name!

Anonymous said...

Someone posted that Crisp's son is named Aiden. Any clue who Logan might be? Names I recall that have come to light so far: Crisp, Cole, Balod, Sluga, Aiden, Newton, Salinas, Munoz, Doremus. Has anybody kept a list (at the rate they are turning up I should say spreadsheet)for cross-checking?

mistressruby said...

You know what I find ironic is that most of C&C's listings as of late are THEIR OWN properties in default - they are calling them short sales - many of them listed with Tara Hughes and/or Lindsey Roberts. So someone help me out with this one....they already majorly screwed the bank by inflating values and pulling out the cash, now they are going in for the 2nd screwing by bringing offers to the bank on these properties for MANY, MANY thousands less than what is owed?! And making a commission?!! WTF???

FresnoSA said...

Con artists scam right until the end ...

Raynor said...

I heard David and Ty were going out as late as last Wednesday to show properties.

Man, thats some kind of hubris.

Raynor said...

I googled Crisp + Logan.

I got some MLB boxscore with one guy named Coco Crisp and another named David Logan.

Is that too wierd?

burnt2acrisp said...

I posted in another section but since media came up for discussion here, check out the Sunday opinion section of for the Californian's editorial.

Raynor said...

One of the boys came back from VBF Sunday and said Pastor Ron got somewhat out of character and started talking passionatley about his favorite character in the bible being David.

"David you are a warrior! Fight back David!"


Bakersfield Bubble said...

Maybe we need to look at the connection between this church and this guy?

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