Friday, June 22, 2007

Global Realty troubles

From Eyewitness News:

First it was Bakersfield realtor David Crisp and Family, and now another well-known realty company has a number of properties in trouble.

Eyewitness News has learned Bakersfield's Global Realty and owner Khamphou Sinpane has had as many as seven properties that have received Notices of Default this month.

However, five properties, including Global Realty's office on Chester Avenue are more than $20,000 behind in payments.


Perfect Storm said...

Oh Globe Realty will get one of those $1 billion plus letter of credits like Crisp and then evertyhing will be allright.

Yeah right, these guys are just realtor scum. Pay your bills loser!

Anonymous said...

Khampou Siripane, a real state of the art con-artist in real estate in Bakersfield, finally "karma" take it's toll. What goes around comes around, buddy! This is one of your agent you screwed up big time, you know who I a, and many more of us.

Anonymous said...

To; All federal and state agencies

Start your investigation on Global Real Realty or Khampou Siripane, he is in Texas and ran away the the money he took from his loan equities he availed from his defaulted properties.

Zizzy said...

As a note holder on two properties that are in default i am concerned as to how he can borrow monies against property in default and run out of state. Is this fraud?
Any rules from DRE on this behavior by broker?