Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is Argent Mortgage Next?

From Brokers Outpost comes the following:

Posted - 01/25/2007 : 8:31:52 PM
Argent Mortgage will be closing their doors Feb 1st.
I really really liked them too. :[

Posted - 01/25/2007 : 8:33:37 PM
wow, where'd u hear that? R u an employee of Argent

Posted - 01/25/2007 : 8:35:04 PM
WHAT?????????? WOW! Next? Just saw a posting that Equibanc is closed too. I didn't know until today.
Darin Ferraro

Posted - 01/25/2007 : 8:35:23 PM
If you are wrong we will fry you

Posted - 01/25/2007 : 8:40:20 PM
LOL fry me? gosh i shouldn't be wrong then huh? Well, i heard a few weeks ago Argent was put on the auction block and if no one bought them, the owner was going to file BK and close. Guess that rumor was true.No i'm not an employee @ Argent, i'm guessing the AE for our office informed our office manager today.And the AE didn't indicate whether their just changing into Ameriquest or not.


RE Bear said...

"...Additionally, HouseValues announced that it is exiting the mortgage lead generation business and is scaling back or eliminating initiatives that are not critical to its real estate agent customers. These reductions only affect the company's Kirkland headquarters and are expected to result in an overall reduction of the company's workforce by about 12 percent or 60 employees. HouseValues "

AnalysisGuy said...

Absolutely nuts! I can't believe how many of these guys are shutting down this week. Maybe my semi-prediction of 18 years of real price declines will happen much faster. I think we're likely to experience a decline similiar to Houston (1979 - 1997).

You can get the details at

Mozo Maz said...

In my view some of these "companies" are just overblown middlemen. All they have to do is turn off the phones, and clean out their rented offices for new tenants.

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