Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why give away $75k of Equity?

Why give away $75k of Equity? BECAUSE there is no equity! This realtor posted this home on the craigslist - - stating that you would receive $75k of instant equity. Huh? They purchased the property on 2/13/06 for$425,000 and they are trying to sell for $475k minus the 4% commission they are willing to give to a realtor who can find another person take their position and the 6 months of carrying costs - they will be lucky to walk away with a small profit. This is only the beginning of the downturn, if they wait too long, they will go negative.

4% to Selling Agent!!!
12206 Trackside Dr 93312
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Lou Minatti said...

Looks like a POS house. Nice tree in the front, though.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a lot more "motivated sellers" in bakersfield lately. Its going to get crazy when all the bad loans out there start resetting.