Monday, January 05, 2009

Notices of default set a new record.

County of Kern Link

1,553 NOD's for December. The highest ever!

I recall one of our posters saying that the bottom was in for NOD's. Not sure if we should have believed him...just saying!


Anonymous said...

Obama be makin' it better.

We all gonna get da money from the gubbermint.

Free money for all da people!

A free house and a gobbermint job!

Just like Cuba!

Anonymous said...

As crude as the above post is, I still can't help but laugh. Sadly, it's more accurate than most will admit.

Anonymous said...

The totals from 1996-2006 are the same as 2007 and 2008. What a disaster. Just think of all the realtor whores who told people to buy, criminals.

Peahippo said...

Hey, anon @ Mon Jan 05, 04:48:00 PM PST ... who set the standard for FREE MONEY?!?! That's right, the Republican President and Democratic Congress. Except it wasn't exactly "free money for all da people" -- it was only for THE WEALTHY BANKERS.

No matter WHO you voted for as Dem or Repub, you were going to get this EXTREME Socialism and welfare mentality operating on the federal level.

Maybe you morons should have spent LESS time laughing at Ron Paul and more time CAMPAIGNING FOR HIM. Now you're screwed. You have tens of thousands of extra debt loaded up on each of your shoulders to bail out banks and anyone else with sufficient pull in DC. But you didn't need that money, anyway, right? You would only have wasted it on college, a house, a car, healthcare, or something else that's equally worthless TO YOUR LORDS AND MASTERS.

Anonymous said...


You are a dinosaur. I have been an educator for 14 years, and let me tell you that everybody (students, parents, and my fellow educators) is sick and tired of the greed of capitalism, which has ruined this nation.

It is time for government to enforce compassion, and provide a living wage to all Americans. Over 90 percent of my students agree with this, and THEY ARE THE FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

"The totals from 1996-2006 are the same as 2007 and 2008. What a disaster. Just think of all the realtor whores who told people to buy, criminals."

So true. Back in '05 and '06 Real Estate agents were more focused on being able to afford a new BMW than helping a family get a good value on a new home.

It is a stupid world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Check what former NAR dude David Lereah said to CNN

Tyrone said...

NODs for Sonoma County in '08:
Jan 451
Feb 513
Mar 498
Apr 509
May 505
Jun 492
Jul 460
Aug 482
Sep 191 <- CA Law SB 1137 takes effect
Oct 178
Nov 241
Dec 500 <- CA Law SB 1137 FAILS

Anonymous said...

David Lereah question & answer.

Q. Any regrets?

A. "I would not have done anything different. But I was a public spokesman writing about housing having a good future. I was wrong. I have to take responsibility for that." Source:CNN
I think 20 years in federal prison would be quite fitting for this Jerk.

Anonymous said... you want to throw people in prison for expressing free speech? It isn't the fault of "greedy" realtors. Why doesn't anyone want to take responcibility for their actions and instead place blame with whomever they can? All this talk of BMW's, whores, greedy.........really shows your ignorance. There is not a bottom in sight. The sub prime has bottom out, but Alt A has just started arriving. Look for 2009 and 2010 to be just as bad.

Abel said...

C&C has to pay for the choice they made why not the rest of the wall street & stock brokers all have stand up and take what comming to them