Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final post

Thanks to all the visitors who come to this site daily.

I have decided to do something else with my free time. I have enjoyed posting on the collapse of our local bubble economy on this site and on the bubble blogs for nearly 4 years. Its time to move on. The economy will suck for sometime and so will the housing market.

I especially want to thank those who emailed me with comments thanking me for saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars (by not purchasing a home) and saving them from financial ruin (I truly appreciate those comments!!).

Good luck and best to all!


Max said...

Hope to still see you at CR once in a while. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker. Thanks

Anonymous said...

i'll miss your posts

Anonymous said...

BB, I am truly saddened by this. You will be missed.

I firmly believe that your blog forced the Californian to look in the mirror and face reality. It was shortly after you received comments from there that the Californian belatedly began reporting accurately on the RE and lending implosions.

I still laugh about the time that one of your commenters complained that you (a CPA!!!) weren't able to understand the complexities of the Crisp and Cole financial empire.

LMAO again at that one ;) Thanks for that priceless memory, both to BB and to the knucklehead commenter.

Who knows BB, maybe I will document the soon-to-be trying times of my favorite vacant strip-mall enabler, SJ Bancorp.

BB it's been good, and thanks for your efforts at shining light at a time when the consensus was "always sunny" and local paid media totally blew it.

Rock on bro.


Rob Dawg said...

Thanks and don't be a stranger.

Sb said...

This is terrible news. BB, your blog has been informative and entertaining at the same time. Definitely one of the best financial blogs that I've read.

If you end up posting anywhere else, I hope you'll link to it here.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we're near the bottom? Or when Ben's site goes away are we finally at bottom?

Anonymous said...

I was just starting to get into your blog.
- jus me

Anonymous said...

BB, I have really enjoyed your blog. Please consider updating us with your insight atleast once or twice a month? We may not be able to handle going cold turkey. You could cover the most important developments in the real estate market. Thank you for dedicating your time to the blog and sharing your knowledge!!

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Guy

I can't see why you would quit. There is a lot of material out there to report on. What is happening now is just the start of a real big mess. Why not keep an iron in the fire.

There is more to report on, you just have to dig deeper. Keep posting maybe more with a theme of what California government is doing to the average taxpayer.

You have a following of many readers don't disappoint them.

Take care

Jim in San Marcos

Lori Lynn said...

Your blog has been one of my favorites! I will truly suffer from withdrawal.

Lori W

foreclose_me said...

I'll miss the blog as well, but there is a point here where you have to admit victory and move on.

C&C's observation is right: Things are going to suck for a while, and it is time to do what we need to do. How about that? The public is just getting onboard, and the bloggers are bored.

I'll be reading at CR and nakedcap for a while, but once the Big One (whatever it is) plays out this year, I suspect even that will be over and attention will shift to rebuilding and adjusting.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your blog and am sorry to see it end, but of course things change and you feel it's time to move on. I lived in Bakersfield during the crazy rush of real estate, I too could see what was coming and left a few years ago. It never was the right place for me (I'm a San Francisco girl at heart). Anyway, I've enjoyed keeping up with all the follies through your blog, especially the fall of Crisp & Cole. Best wishes in all of your new pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you too, Crispy.

Thanks for spending so much time in providing real news to your readers who couldn't find it anywhere else.

I especially loved the C&C debacle coverage. : )

Anonymous said...

wow, no more blogs? am i gunna have 2 star buyN Star Magazine or wat.. no but really, would have been nice if you cleared up some of the drama u started with ur anonymous blogs.. u failed to leave ur information though.... ur probable the most perfect, smart, professional and creative person on the planet..... no wondr u r hangN up ur hat!! God,, gunna miss this spot 4sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BB, you have been a great source of information and I visited your site atleast once every week!!! I will miss your insight and special posts!!!!

Bakonewbie said...

You can't go now... I haven't bought a house yet! Now I will have to listen to the local realtors for advice! ;)
Come on, how about a month in review or something. Keep the flock in the loop so we know what is going on!

Perfect Storm said...

Take care Crispy,

Thanks for taking the fight to the realtorwhores. I will be jumping up and down with joy when Crisp & Coleslaw do the perp walk and have Bubba as their cellmate.

Perfect Storm

Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go... I enjoyed your posting..It was the contrarian blogosphere that kept me going during the go-go days when all I heard from "Friends & relatives" is that I was going to be "priced out forever. I missed ModMerced going quickly Blog..He quit 2 years this April. Hence common sense is yet always a good commodity. I glad the blogosphere is here..

John in Fresno

Realestateslasher said...

Thanks for all thoes Memories

Like an old wise man once said

Thanks, see you when the rooster come home to roost

Anonymous said...

Why quit now when we've hit the bottom?

President Obama, aka "The One", is being sworn in soon and our troubles will be history!

With his infinite wisdom and charm we'll see the world economy turnaround by the end of this year.

Buy now while the prices and interest rates are the lowest they'll ever be.

Global warming will stop and the oceans shall stop rising! By 2020 America won't be dependent on foreign oil and alternative energy will change the economy of California.

Why end this blog at the New Beginning?

Anonymous said...

You did Bakersfield a great service. Your news and commentary will certainly be missed. I must say you did an outstanding job on the C&C story and enjoyed all of the insider information you found that the mainstream news sources could not.

Best wishes to you.

Is there any other blog or site that has similar coverage as BB did? I know it won't be as good, but us addicts need to go somewhere.

Anonymous said...

You're the man. I have enjoyed you and the others that post here. I understand your need to move on with so much negitivity that surrounds us. I hope that your spirits will be uplifted where every you decide to spend your energy. You will be missed.

TheFunSucker said...

gracias senor

rrastronomo said...

An end to an era. Hope to hear from you at HBB.
Best wishes,

Ichabod said...


You can't do this to me! What do I have to do to make you post one more time? Catch Crisp and Cole in an affair... with each other?!? Whatever it takes, I will make sure it happens!

It's been fun. ;)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being one of my daily early morning readings at work for the past 2 years.

Back then I acquired a great job and had prospects of being a first-time home buyer. After some research I found this blog and I've RSS'd you since.

I've learned a lot from you and value your knowledge.

Thanks for everything.

- J

Anonymous said...

OK BB... you carried the torch for a long lonely time. You did a great job. So much so that there are a lot of disappointed people remaining.

I guess I can run with it for a while...

David said...

Thanks so much for all your efforts.

You rock!

Bubble Meter Blog

patient renter said...

Thanks for all of your contributions. As you know, they meant a lot to many people. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Why are you leaving now when its about to get so good for David and Carl? Its close so close to charges being filed and dont you want your very last post to be the actual downfall (these two in matching jumpsuit)? Its like you ran the marathon and quit at the 25 mile mark.

bakersfield bubble 2 said...

Gottschalks, Cole, Target?, Circuit City... oh my!


Cow_tipping said...

First housing panic and now Bakersfield bubble. I am soory but you cant quit blogging. What will we do for the truth. Heck I should have protested HP quitting too.

Chris Johnson said...

Thanks for the blog! And the entertaining coverage of Crisp and Cole for us non-Bakersfieldans.

Oldbakoguy said...

Greetings from Portland Oregon. I am going to miss your blog, it was a great way to keep up on my former hometown of Bako. What a mess. I hate to be pessimistic but I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel for while. I'm still stuck with my mother's home in Bako whom I told to SELL before this mess and she did not listen. My family was a founding family of Bakersfield and it is sad to see this all happen. Good luck in your new endeavor and nice work peeling back the layers of insanity in the Central Valley real estate market.

Tom Stone said...

Thank you for your work.My local Blogger "Athena" folded the Sonoma Housing Bubble blog last year.I have appreciated your work here because you are factual and know how to write with clarity.It was nice to find you in 2004 when I was treated as a lunatic or pariah by many for saying that the numbers did not work.

Anonymous said...

the end is near

sunsetbeachguy said...


Great work over the years. Thanks.

Sorry to see you go, will see you at Calculated Risk though I hope.

Too bad the beer in Bakersfield never worked out.

I changed employers and don't have to travel to Bako anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your insight! Maybe I'll run into you sometime at Tahoe Joe's and Ill buy you a drink. You'll be missed.

tj and the bear said...

GEEZ, Crispy! I'm going to seriously miss you dude.

Some time off in the future we'll all have to get together and reminisce about the "bad old days".

In the meantime, take care!!!

Bill said...

Any interest in selling to blog contact me at

Rob Dawg said...

Come on man. Enough pouting. we need the BKfield inside scoop.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Here's an interesting one for you.

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This analysis looks at past banking crises and how they have effected various aspects of the economy.

It is titled The Banking Crisis - Where are we now? (follow the link should you be interested) and has particularly interesting points about how the previous banking crises has effected assets including property prices.

Hope you enjoy.

Jeff D said...

Sorry to see you fold up the blog. I read you a lot in late 07 and most of 2008 - particularly enjoyed your info on Crisp & Cole.

Perhaps you could come back and do an update from time to time........

What is your favorite source of info these days? What bloggers do you read?

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Guy

I dropped your link since you stopped posting. If You decide to start up again, just rattle my cage. We will get you an active link

I think that there is still a lot of news in your area that may be of some use to the blogsphere. Think it over

Here is wishing the best to you, my friend


Huntington Beach Real Estate said...

Too bad, sorry to see it end!!
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