Friday, November 14, 2008

Carl Cole, Suncal and some rumors

Former Principal and realtor Carl Cole strikes out:

Real estate agent Carl Cole’s bid to keep his license was denied Thursday by the California Department of Real Estate.

But Cole can seek relief through the courts, department spokesman Tom Pool said Friday afternoon.

Cole now has about a month to file an appeal with the state Superior Court.

“We’re really on another 30-day clock,” Pool said.

Attempts to reach Cole and his attorney Glenn Kottcamp Friday afternoon were unsuccessful.

Suncal is run by morons( I know you guys visit, so nothing personal):

4,000-home SunCal development in Castaic and three other projects were placed in involuntary bankruptcy by the Irvine developer Wednesday, bringing a total 15 SunCal developments into federal bankruptcy court.

Wednesday’s four filings were classified as involuntary because lender Lehman Brothers hadn’t consented, said Joe Aguirre, spokesman for SunCal Cos.

Lehman has arranged funding for all 15 sites, including Bakersfield’s McAllister Ranch.

Rumor Mill - Latest rumor is Castle and Cooke is laying off a lot of employees. Maybe they will start lowering the price of their homes?


Anonymous said...

If one really wanted to find Crisp (before he goes to prison) or that homo pedophile where would one look?

I'd rather not canvas every McDonalds in Socal.

Anonymous said...

I heard his wife was turning tricks and pole dancing since he's incapable of supporting a family without fraud.

Try those types of places.

He's probably cleaning toilets.

Anonymous said...

You really should pray for your soul that you can be so cruel. You don't need to talk trashy about the wife. How would you like someone to talk about your wife or husband or children for that matter.

Tyrone said...

Cole now has about a month to file an appeal with the state Superior Court.

If I were him, I would go out of my way to avoid court and the legal system.

Rob Dawg said...

Carl Cole now sells real estate in Ventura , California.

Anonymous said...

Without a license? Oh, forgive me, I mistook Cole as someone who follows the rules.

Anonymous said...

Heya BB,

IdahoSpud here.

Been in lurk mode for a long while :). I really enjoyed your post on the changing luck of our local credit enabler, San Joaquin bank. I suspect they will find themselves by owning *a lot* of empty strip malls in the near future ;) Like their commercial said, "They gave me a loan when bigger banks wouldn't"... meh.

Castle and Cook need to reduce their asking price... a lot! Their fit/finish and materials quality is not as good as other builders at the same price point.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey lame asses! Cole still has his lic.and if is in real estate and people are using him then either the people are stupid or he is not the person the press makes him out to be. David is a low life mexican that was hoping to get off free but the getting off he is getting is from ty stewart

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a resturant that David and his wife used to come into a lot. She is nothing but a bitch! She treated people like crap and so did David! Karma is a bitch aint it. Now you have nothing, no fancy cars, jets or homes! HAHA! Good luck getting a job in this town.