Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crisp and Cole realtors turning on each other.

Looks like the rats are starting to leave the sinking ship. Former C&C realtor Scott Reynolds attorney speaks out for his client, as does Scott Reynolds and Ty Stewart.


Former Crisp and Cole real estate agent Scott Reynolds didn't want to talk with us on camera about his former employer David Crisp, but his defense attorney says Reynolds has been talking to the authorities.

"We have been in contact with the FBI and in contact with the prosecutors, I think that's an open fact right now," said defense attorney Carl Faller

Reynolds bought the property from David Crisp and Carl Cole in July 2006 for $414 thousand with 100-percent financing from SunTrust mortgage. The house went into foreclosure in December, and eventually sold for $240 thousand. That's a loss to the lender of at least $174 thousand.

"David Crisp involved a lot of folks: employees, friends, old high school friends in some land deals that he represented to be totally legitimate," Faller said. "But in retrospect they might have been a little sketchy."

Not so, says former Crisp and Cole broker Ty Stewart.

Crisp is now living with Stewart at a Southern Oaks home.

"I have worked for David and Carl from the very beginning. And I wasn't taken advantage of," Stewart said. "But I can only speak for myself."

"Everybody thinks that his situation is funny, and it's just desserts, so they are having a good time with it. You know, but he's gotta live his life," Stewart said

For now, Crisp is staying with stewart at a home in Southern Oaks.

"They are not bad people. And, I think that helping someone out or trying to put someone's life back together with them is not a bad thing," Stewart said


Rob Dawg said...

Lock up the silver.

Man this character witness crap has got to stop. Crisp is a first class flim-flam artist and nothing more. He is uneducated, unworldly, inexperienced, amoral and unrepentant. Those were the traits that got him to the top and those are the traits the will drag him to the bottom. My only consolation is that since he was already a spiritual fella there will be no finding the Lord moment to hide behind at sentencing.

jetcityqueen said...

Why does Ty Stewart's infatuatiuon with Crisp continue on and on? Do they just have too much dirt on each other to part ways? Ty was just an agent at C&C, then got his Brokers Lic. after C&C started to go under. Why oh why would he jeopardize everything by continuing his affiliation with Crisp! And now they are roomates...wow...at least it should be easy to find them if they ever finally get arrested. Wonder if Ty's house in Southeren Oaks is current on payments, and how are all those folks paying for living expenses if no one is working?

civil-ized said...

Scott Reynolds went from selling sporting goods at Action Sports to selling houses with David. I love the whole "David hurt me too" thing. In the summer of 2006, Scott told us that the market was turning and he was even starting to sell off his investment properties at that time...so how he could pick up a couple more houses for almost a million dollars towards the end of 2007, and then claim that David hurt him is a little misleading. Scott was in much better touch with the market than David was that summer, obviously, so if he bought houses for $800,000 or whatever, knowing and telling others that the market was tanking, then he is totally culpable for his own problems. Most likely turning on David to keep himself out of prison.