Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pacific Theatres to lay off 93 in Bakersfield?

The following is from HOZ (near the bottom):

Valley Plaza (Pacific Theatres) is laying off 93 employees at 2000 Wible Road in Bakersfield on Dec. 13.


Ichabod said...

Uhhh... that would be probably about 100% of the staff there. Does that mean it's closing???

Ichabod said...

Old news, but I just found THIS out:

Apparently, Regal Cinemas is taking over the Pacific Theatre at Valley Plaza- that's why the employees were let go.

There is a Regal multiplex in the city of Dublin, CA about four hours north. It's been around since 2000ish. It's huge. It makes Edwards Cinemas look like a drive by coffee stand next to a Wal-Mart Supercenter. It even has an IMAX theatre. We need THAT in Rosedale! Along with a two story supermall- and I guarantee you 2701 Ming Avenue will become East Hills Central!

Good luck with the mall theatre Regal. You're gonna need it!