Monday, July 02, 2007

Local Real Estate Fraud Update

I was listening to KERN 1410 this morning and Brian Wiley from the Moneywise Guys stated that he has seen the documents related to the FBI investigation into the local real estate actvities.

He also stated that fraud was involved in the transactions.

I have emailed him and am trying to get more detailed information.


Ichabod said...

Ty (Crisp's office manager) better get his broker's license ASAP! I don't think you can be an effective broker behind bars...?

Raynor said...


Loan Fraud?

....and exactly WHO is surprised?

Stand alone 2nds? Loan amts higher than listing price?

O/S appraisers?


Boy genius = Boy blunder!

Raynor said...

I would like to know how Wiley had access to these files!

Someone leaking perhaps?

action man said...

Burn Crispy Burn!!!!